Weekend Program

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Saturday Public Speaking 


4:30 pm-5:30 pm

Learn to speak in front of an audience from an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 15 years of experience in teaching children and youth and adults.  David DaltonJames uses techniques garnered from years of teaching drama in the school board, and from his own experience as a performer in Community Theater, and MC at a variety of functions.  His unique six-week program focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication abilities that result in students developing self-confidence, social skills, conversation and teamwork skills.  The course culminates in a final oration given by the student in front of peers and invited guests.

David Dalton James


Mr David is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers. He has two Bachelor of Education degrees from both the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University. He is an experienced educator since 1994. He has been working and dedicated for TDSB, YRCSB, YRDSB for years. He is now working as a Visual Arts and Drama Teacher in Milliken Mills High School for 13 years long. His goal is to reach his readers and students and help guide them to a higher level of understanding, both within themselves and the world around them.

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Saturday Kungfu Class 


2:45-4:15 pm

Kung fu teaches kids to adopt a physically fit lifestyle, provides a productive outlet for burning off their boundless energy, builds their confidence, focus and self-esteem and teaches them how to defend themselves from bullies, should the need arise.

Raising children in the age of video games can be challenging for a parent who understands the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Kung fu is a great way to encourage children to trade the ease and comfort of a sedentary lifestyle for a more active one. The Bamboo Kung Fu School children’s martial arts classes, taught at convenient locations in Scarborough and downtown Toronto, introduce boys and girls age 6-12 to a fun, exciting way to stay fit. Children 13 and older are also welcome, and are included in our adult kung fu classes. At Bamboo Kung Fu School we teach Choi Lee Fut kung fu. This style of kung fu integrates more than 100 movements, like short and long-range punches and kicks, which provide a full-body workout and strengthen growing joints and muscles. Kids have fun and make new friends while also developing strong, healthy bodies and essential social skills.

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Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate! 

Sifu Kin Sze (Bamboo Kung Fu)


Sifu Kin Sze is the chief instructor at Bamboo Kung Fu School, a leading Toronto martial arts school. With a martial arts career spanning close to two decades, Kin once reigned as one of Canada’s leading Sanshou and traditional forms competitors, receiving a number of awards at national and international competitions, such as the Canadian National Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing) Team Selection and the 2004 First World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, China.

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Sunday Chess


2:30 – 3:30   Entry Level
3:45 – 5:15    Intermediate Level

5:15 – 6:15    Advance Leve

Chess is a game for two players that originated in the 6th century and gradually evolved into the form that is played today. It remains one of the world's most popular games. This class gives a general introduction to chess.

Mario Venegas


Master Instructor Mr. Mario Venegas

  • Has been playing his whole life and is still active in tournament circles.

  • plays at Master level.

  • Was Tournament Director of Scarborough Chess Club and am an official National Arbiter as sanctioned by Canadian Chess Federation.

  • Has taught chess for Chess n' Math in the GTA for years. For Chess n' Math he has been an arbiter and Tournament Director.

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