Art Program

Creative Drawing, Sketch, Painting, Craft, Illustration, Design & Portfolio

  • Illustration

  • Sculpture

  • Design

  • Portfolio

  • Creative Drawing

  • Sketch

  • Painting

  • Crafts

Toddler :
3.5-4.5yr  (Art & Craft)

Children will be using a variety of items to create their art. Crafts will differ greatly from week to week to keep children stimulated and interested.


Fundamental Arts Inspiring class:

The children get familiar with the basic principles of art, get involved in the exciting process of creation and communication with the world of painting, drawing and sculpture. 


Junior class:

In this class, students will hone their abilities and be pointed in a more mature direction when working on their creations. 


Intermediate class:

In this unique program students create increasingly complex works of art, tapping into all their imagination and art skills. 


Portfolio preparation

In this course students will have the opportunity to develop a strong portfolio for admission to renowned college and university programs. 


Design Workshop: 
(Age 10+)

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. 

Utilizing the most professional and up-to-date programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, students will learn to design various kinds of art. Through use of space, colour coordination, layout, and many other skills.

Ms. Chu

Art Teacher

Ms. Chu has been teaching art in various forms for more than 16 years, and has led many of her students to discover their passion for art. She has helped her students build their portfolios and be accepted into their dream art programs. She prides herself in the patience and care she has for all her students and their abilities. 

Ms. Jane

Art Teacher

Ms. Jane graduated from the famous Bachelor of Animation program at Sheridan College. She has many years of experience doing animation and paiting. She also has ample knowledge of the portfolio requirements for different art programs. Ms. Jane has some experience in teaching and really enjoys using her passion for art to motivate her students. 

Ms. Lily

Art Teacher

Lily is graduated from Fujian Normal University with a major in Art design. She used to work as a website designer at large internet company. She also has lots of art education experience both in China and Canada. She is familiar with children of different ages and can design appropriate teaching method to meet the need for different stages of children. She is good at calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor, sketching and hand craft which can encourage the creativity of children.

Ms. Jasmine

Art Teacher

I have graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U.) Toronto and Bachelor of Fine Art-Drawing and Painting. She is learning Centre for Expressive Arts Therapy Education at The CREATE Institute Toronto. She is a farmer Teacher at Marilake Education Centre. Toronto and CreativeKids Intl Ltd. Hong Kong.

Ms. Yu Rong

Art Teacher

Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U), Toronto. Sufficient experience of teaching kids and observational drawing in summer camp for over 2 years. Her artistic style is diverse and unique. Through her work, the combination of detailed line drawings, fine textures, interesting storytelling and meaningful illustration always attract audiences’ attention. Flexible of using different media, materials and keep trying new ideas of art are also her strengths, which bring positive, passion and creativity to her classes. She is also very patient, careful and responsible to all of her students.

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